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  • Overseas Koreans Supporters ‘KrossOveR’ Recruitment


    Overseas Koreans Supporters ‘KrossOveR’ Recruitment Overseas Koreans Cooperation Center is recruiting the 'KrossOveR' Overseas Korean Supporters to spread information about the Korean diaspora and encourage a stronger Korean identity through engaging social media content. Don't miss your chance to participate in a variety of activities and interact with the Korean audience throughout the world. 1. Recruitment details - Number of participants: 30 persons - Main activity: Creating and sharing social media content on the Korean diaspora and the overseas Koreans - Theme of content: overseas Koreans' recognition of their Korean identity, affinity among Koreans in and out of Korea, etc. - Activity period: August 2024 ~ February 2025 2. Eligibility - Korean individuals between the ages of 19 and 39 with interest in the Korean diaspora as well as cultural exchange · born between July 15, 2005 and July 16, 1985 - Active users of social media (Instagram, YouTube, etc.) - Residence: Republic of Korea or abroad (access to social media and messenger applications required) · Koreans residing in the Republic of Korea or abroad (regardless of their nationality) - Preferred qualifications · more than 1,000 Instagram followers · experience in content production (video editing, etc.) · able to participate in the kick-off ceremony in person (August 13th ~ August 17th) 3. Participant election timeline - Recruitment period: July 15th (Mon) ~ July 28th (Sun) 23:59 KST · Interested applicants may fill out and complete the Google form at https://forms.gle/9F3gscVLsTRxyHPZ8 - 1st round announcement : July 30th (Tue) 17:00 KST - Online interviews: July 31st (Wed) ~ August 1st (Thu) - Final round announcement : August 2nd (Fri) - Kick-off ceremony and education program in Rep. of Korea: August 13th (Tuesday) ~ August 17th (Saturday) ※ Schedule is subject to change. 4. Participation benefits - Monthly participation stipend - Awards for excellent supporters - Certificate of appointment and completion of activities 5. Inquiries - T) +82-70-4665-3235 - E) okcckrossover24@gmail.com

  • 2024 GLOBAL TALENT FAIR(채용박람회)


  • 2024-2 Application for restoration of qualification for submitting the thesis for Fall semester, 2024


    Application for restoration of qualification for submitting the thesis for Fall semester, 2024 Through this application process, Students can acquire (regain) the qualification for submitting the thesis with the approval from Dean of graduate school. Please check the detailed information stated below. 1. Applicants : Those who meet two requirements stated below. - Students who are scheduled to submit the thesis for degree in Fall semester, 2024 (who are scheduled to graduate in Feb, 2025) - Students who lost the qualification for submitting the thesis due to excess of expiration date. ※ The expiration date for submission of thesis is for 6 years in Master’s course, for 10 years in Doctorate and Integrated(Combined) courses after entering school(admission). (Except for the period of Leave of Absence) 2. Period for Application : July 12th(Fri) ~ 18th(Thu), 2024 3. Required documents : Application form for restoration of qualification for submitting the thesis (Attachment) 4. Procedure : Fill out the application form – Get the Signature from Academic advisor on the form – Submit it to department office – Regain the Qualification for submission through approval from Dean of Graduate school – Research Registration – Submission of thesis for degree Attachment: Application form for restoration of qualification for submitting the thesis for degree The Office of Graudate School, Ajou

  • Registration for Students who have completed all required courses for Fall 2024


  • Registration for Enrolled Students for Fall 2024


  • Office working hour during summer vacation


    Office working hour during summer vacation We inform you that working hour in summer will be changed. So if you have any questions, please come by our office before 4 p.m. from July 1st to August 9th, 2024. Thank you for being patient with us. 1. Period : July 1st(Mon) ~ August 9th(Fri), 2024 2. Work hour : 9 a.m. ~ 4 p.m. (Lunch 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.) 3. Place : Office of Graduate School(Yulgok Hall 3rd floor) 4. Contact us : grad@ajou.ac.kr